My name is Flora. I am a Kougra. Kougra's originally come from Mystery Island. Now, my roommate is A. Bigmouse.

He calls himself a multidisiplinary cartoonist who uses art as a conduit to make friends with others and with himself. He likes to travel, learn, and teach. He's led comics workshops for kids, writing workshops for seniors, and has abandonned me for weeks at a time to go to zine festivals and make friends in Austin, Portland, San Diego, Juneau, Denver, and New Orleans. He says he wants to keep the practice in his art practice, keeping it as a hobby and personal endeavor most of the time, making his work availale for free whenever possible. He draws because it makes his soul happy, or something. I don't know. I am much too pretty to worry about these things :)

He he, this is me! This is a picture of me, as you can see I am a rather attractive Kougra, and I have been entered in the Beauty Contest many times. What makes me so special you may ask... well its my beautiful paws, ears and sparkling white teeth.

I take great care of my teeth, first I rinse with Mouthwash (ooh minty!), then I floss between my sharp teeth (Grackle Bugs are the worst, you get little bits of blue shell stuck in your gums - yuck!). Finally I give my teeth a good brush with my Deluxe Blue Toothbrush. Then voila, prize winning gnashers :)

Anyway, enough of me, if you want to chat to my owner, challenge me in a battle, or just say hi, feel free to neomail A. Bigmouse.